Sada Punjab Book PDF

The Sada Punjab Book is a unique Punjabi publication that contains all the important aspects of Punjabi culture, history and tradition. This is one of the most reputed Punjabi books in the market. It is written by Balbir Singh. This book comes with an introduction and an ending. The author has divided the book into three parts, each dealing with a different aspect of Punjabi culture.

Part one is about The Sikhobia in the Indian Constitution. It will tell you about the perils of giving up the Sikh way of life. It will also tell you about the various religions and their effects on the Punjab society. The book will also tell you about how the Sikhs were treated in the British ruled India.

Part two is about the Mughal period. It will tell you about the entry of the Mughals into the Punjab. It will also tell you about the partition of the country and about the ensuing chaos. This book will help you understand the psyche of the people in the Punjab. It will explain why the people of Punjab were ready to fight and die for their religion. You might even be surprised to learn that the Sikhs had played a major role in ensuring that the partition occurred.

The third part of the book will give a brief insight into the politics of Punjab. It will also give you an insight into the different tribes of the state. This will help you understand the mindset of the Punjabis. You will come to know about the different festivals and celebrations that are celebrated in the state. The Sada Punjab book will also give you an insight into the lifestyle of Punjabis.

The author has gone into great detail in writing the Sada Punjab book. He has researched extensively and spoken to a number of people in order to write this book. The book tells you about the five important events that happened in Punjab. These include The Lahore Masjid; The Battle of Karbala; The events of partition; The creation of Pakistan; and finally the emergence of the Republic of Punjab. All these stories have been beautifully told in this informative book.

The author has included a glossary of all the terms used in the book. He has also included the photographs and maps that are related to the topics mentioned in the book. All in all, this is a very helpful book to all those who would like to read about the interesting history of Punjab. Those who would want to further read about the politics of Punjab or the religious issues, this book is the perfect choice.

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