Which Self Photo Studio is the Best?

Whether you’re looking for a professional photoshoot or you just want to take a couple of fun pictures for yourself, there are plenty of self photo studios to choose from in Singapore. These self photography studios offer a number of services, including photography sessions, digital prints, photo editing and printing services. All of these services are available at inexpensive prices.

PhotoMania, located at Bugis+, offers a range of packages and premium packages. Customers can choose from two different photoshoot packages: a basic package that includes 20 minutes of photography and four single photos, or a VIP package that includes a 30-minute photoshoot, eight single photos, four wall frames, full digital copies, and a photo letter. Customers can also opt for a premium package that includes three hours of photo taking, two digital prints, and one physical print.

Suafoto, located in Wangsa Maju, offers a basic self photoshoot that starts at RM30, and includes two 4R photos. Customers can choose from two backdrops, and can take as many photos as they want within their allocated time. There are also packages for two, five, or seven people. However, each additional person requires a separate package, and additional pax are charged accordingly.

Studio03, located in Bugis+, offers both basic and premium packages. They offer a wide range of backdrops and professional photo editing services. The studio also offers a variety of props for customers to choose from, including graduation gowns, squid-game suits, and costumes. Its studio is open 24 hours, making it convenient for families. The studio is also open for birthday celebrants and friends groups, and packages are priced according to the number of people that will be taking photos.

Dollop Automat Self Studio offers a variety of services for their customers, including a self photo studio and an automated photo booth. The automated photo booth is the first of its kind in Singapore and is a great way to have photos taken in a studio-like setting. Customers are given a remote control, which they can use to take pictures. There are also a variety of backdrops to choose from, including white, grey, and black backdrops.

The Fourth Studios, located in Sindalan, San Fernando, Pampanga, offers both black and white photos, as well as color grading. The studio also offers double exposure shots, which create a ghost effect. The studio also offers pet photography and professional ID photography. Customers can bring their own props or hire them from the studio. The studio is also located near Pampanga University, which means that students can get great photos for college applications.

Photoholic is another self photo studio that provides photo printing services. The studio is a member of the Self Photo Studio family, and the team behind Photomatic also runs this studio. The studio offers a number of packages and additional services, including custom collages and kroffles. Customers can pose with their pets and momentos, and can adjust their poses if they want to.

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