What is a Series of 3 Photos Called?

What is a series of 3 photos called

When it comes to photography, a series of photos is a collection of images that are linked and showcased together. They can have the same subject and have a conceptual bond, or they can be shot in the same location. They can also be edited in the same way to highlight a common style and reinforce the theme.

When creating a photo series, it is important to have a strong purpose and intention, and to understand what you want to communicate with your photos. This will help you narrow down your ideas and approach your subjects with a more focused perspective. This will help you choose the right subjects and will also lead you to a better post-production process, as you will only keep the photos that really stand out and resonate with your message.

Then there is the matter of form, and how many photos you have in your set. The most common forms include diptychs (two pictures in one image), triptychs (three pictures in one image), quadtychs (four pictures in one image) and polyptychs (many photos in a single image). You can also create a photomontage, which is a group of photographs put together into a new picture.

Photo series can take many forms and they can incorporate any photographic technique or genre, depending on the topic and what you are trying to convey. For example, a landscape photographer can take photos of the same place at different seasons to show how the environment changes throughout the year.

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