What Is a Photography Series?

How do you make a photo series

What Is a Photography Series?

Many photographers find their work takes a huge leap forward when they decide to explore a photo series rather than individual images. A well-thought-out photo series will give you focus and will naturally guide you towards a more distinct style, while also improving your skill at finding and capturing interesting subjects.

The first step in making a photographic series is to decide on a theme and a subject that will communicate with one another. This can be a broad or narrow topic, but it should be something that you have some personal connection to and that you are passionate about. For example, some photographers make a photographic series of their own hometowns, documenting changing window views, or everyday objects. Other photographers may choose to create a portrait series of a single person, photographing them over time as they change and grow.

Once you have a clear idea of your photography series theme, it’s important to plan your shots carefully. A good way to do this is to set aside some time specifically for your photo series. By doing this, you will slow down and be more deliberate in your shooting and thinking process. This will ensure that the photos in your photo series are consistent and will make a meaningful visual impact.

It is also essential to keep consistency in post-production when creating a photo series. This can be as simple as keeping a consistent focal point, using the same color temperature in all of your photos, or adding a specific kind of filter to each of your photographs.

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