What Employers Can Learn from Gallup’s Top Workplaces of 2022

Gallup’s Top Workplace Stories of 2022 explores the most significant work-related trends that will be prevalent in the next decade. It examines subjects like pandemics, internet-based tools, face-to-face communication, as well as layoffs.

Communications via face-toface

They will be happy, and will improve your bottom line through taking the time know the finer points of face to face communication. Gallup conducted a survey of more than a dozen business executives in order to discover their preferred methods of communication. The results they’ve uncovered is that Gen Xers, Millennials and Baby Boomers are quite different in their preferred styles of communication. In terms of differences, Generation Xers are more likely to assume the role of email-based sender, whereas Baby Boomers are more inclined to prefer a more personal, less impersonal manner of communicating. This could explain why they are more likely to get accomplishing than previous generations. They’re actually nearing being the highest-performing group in the workforce.

Changes in our culture have resulted in more departments becoming split than ever. It is essential for companies to allow their employees to be part of a team as well as interact with each other to create an atmosphere of community and esprit de corps. Next time you’re in the office, take note of all the events you’ll be member of.

Tools for online use

Gallup carried out a comprehensive study in 2022 , to find the types of tools employees thought about using in their workplace. They found that along with traditional tools like email and telephones, there were a array of internet-connected applications that assist in improving collaboration. The benefits were not limited to in improving productivity, however, it was also beneficial for improving employee engagement.

It’s great that most of these apps are totally free. They’re easy to use and increase communication between staff members. The result is more productivity, less turnover, and better employee retention.

Asana is a management of projects application which allows teams to collaborate and monitor deadlines. It also allows you to upload and upload documents. Google Drive is another notable application. It’s a cloud-based storage service.

Time Doctor is an accurate productivity tool that monitors duration of individual tasks and projects. You are also able to track the length of time a project took and also the number of individuals involved. These functions, when combined together with other useful functions, such as the ability to assign work and assign work, makes it a useful tool for small businesses.


If you’re still trying to discover what the pandemic was affecting the workplace, a new report from Gallup can help. Gallup recently published its research report, “State of the Global Workplace”. The report reveals that several of the biggest workplace news of 2022 involve the spread of the disease.

According to the report the stress level among employees has reached an all-time level. The majority of employees are also saying their jobs were difficult.

Employers have much to offer in this area. Gallup found that 24% of workers believe that their employer cares enough. Yet, the study noted that the percentage of employees who were motivated by their jobs dropped 2 percentage points over the course of 2019.

According to the report, a insufficient concern by employers could result in a decrease in employee engagement. Employees reward organizations that show their concern.

Health issues are the main reason for this drop. There are many other things to think about. People leave for many reasons like long work hours as well as insatiable work load and bad experience at work.

Technology sector layoffs

It’s no secret that the tech industry is suffering massive cuts. Companies are laying off thousands of workers each year. However, many of them are able to find new positions. The downside is that these layoffs bring an added stress.

Businesses are seeking ways to maintain their best talents, despite the current labor shortage. Hybrid-based work, for instance, is highly sought-after. This type of work allows employees to remain in contact with their colleagues remotely while also working. It can also make in-office work more meaningful.

Many prominent companies were also announcing layoffs and hire freezes recently. Twitter has fired 50% of its employees in the month of April. Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, stated that the company’s growth was far too fast.

Alongside layoffs, companies are faced with the challenge of changing demographics. In particular, women leave at a shocking rate. Leaders of women in this sector are frequently overlooked due to their lack of diversity.

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