What Are the Elements of a Photo Essay?

What are the elements of a photo essay

What Are the Elements of a Photo Essay?

Whether you’re looking to pitch an idea for a publication, want to share a story online, or just need some inspiration, there are a few key components that make a good photo essay. These include a diverse set of images, the right order, and strong editing.

1. Find Your Passion

A great photo essay is not just about shooting a lot of photos, but it takes time, research, and an emotional connection to the subject. Follow your instincts when you choose a subject, and you’ll find it much easier to shoot and edit your work.

2. Know Your Subject

A photo essay can be about anything – from a child’s birthday party to an abandoned house to an environmental crisis. The important thing is that you tell a unique and meaningful story.

3. Know Your Camera

As with any creative project, your camera should be your tool of choice. Use it to help you explore a new topic, find a different perspective, and create a strong story.

4. Be Flexible

Sometimes a story will evolve as you shoot it, and that’s okay. But you’ll still need to be willing to cut photos that don’t fit the larger story or that aren’t as strong as others. Ask for advice from colleagues and friends, but ultimately, decide what you’re going to keep.

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