WATCH: President Zelensky’s Full Address to Congress

The United States of America and Ukraine have a long tradition of cooperation and alliance. It is believed that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to Congress on Wednesday evening about Russia’s struggle to secure its future. The conflict doesn’t just affect Ukraine’s security and freedom as well as our future liberty. Zelensky said that American determination as well as Ukrainian determination are essential in this effort and both the United States as well as Ukraine will benefit from a prosperous, stable Ukraine. While Matt Gaetz, and Lauren Boebert remain opposed to any further assistance to Ukrainian citizens, they were in attendance at the event that was quite encouraging.

1. What was the reason why Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz were not present when the speech to Congress Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zilensky in Congress was delivered?

Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz two members of the United States House of Representatives were in the same room during the speech delivered by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zilensky in Congress. The issue has caused some controversy. This is noteworthy because it’s the norm during speeches like these for Congress to require every member of Congress to stand up, which highlights the respect and honor which the nation accords foreign heads of state who are visiting. The choice of Gaetz and Boebert not to be in the room was widely perceived as insensitive to the Ukrainian president.

2. What is the significance of Russia’s fight with Ukraine to ensure security, life and liberty?

It is vital to comprehend the significance of Russia and Ukraine’s fight for security, freedom life and liberty. President Zelensky delivered his entire speech in front of Congress. The war that is currently raging between the two nations has had devastating implications for all of the world and region. Every society has to be fighting for peace, security and liberty. It is clear that Russia as well as Ukraine have been engaged in a continuous conflict an indication of the deep-rooted conflicts between the two countries. Possibilities for peaceful solution in this conflict is vital as this conflict should be a reminder to others of the importance to protect these fundamental rights.

3. How much U.S. assistance has been yet given to Ukraine?

The president of Ukraine, Zelensky, spoke out in support of the WATCH program’s significance and crucial role in the national security. The main question posed in the address was regarding the U.S. assistance that has been provided to Ukraine. It’s worth noting that the United States provided almost $1.5 billion in security assistance to Ukraine between 2014 and 2015. It includes the provision of the provision of equipment, training as well as financial aid. This assistance has been crucial to aiding the Ukrainian government in its fight against Russian aggressiveness, as well as bolstering the territorial integrity of their country.

4. What’s the motivation behind why Gaetz and Boebert oppose sending additional aid to Ukraine

It is not a secret that Representatives. Matt Gaetz of Florida and Lauren Boebert from Colorado have been against any further assistance for Ukraine. It was in reaction to the WATCH address of President Zelensky’s complete address to Congress. This is quite puzzling considering the fact that Ukraine is in desperate need of support by America. United States. The country is in a state of economic turmoil and the population is in uncertainty and fear because of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. It is clear that the United States’ support has been insufficient and insufficient and the country is in need of additional.

A Short Summary

Zelensky Zelensky was in Congress on Wednesday and expressed his gratitude to the American leaders for their support of Ukraine following the Russian invasion. Zelensky also highlighted the fact that Ukraine “is alive and well” regardless of any obstacle. While the reaction to the address of Zelensky was mostly positive, Matt Gaetz (and Lauren Boebert) were still at their desks while Zelensky addressed the audience. The United States citizens will offer assistance and support to Ukraine in the fight for its the right to self-determination.

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