Uncovering the Ancient Art of Greek Comedy in Greetings’ December Arts Calendar

The world of visual arts isn’t decreasing as the festive season draws closer. There’s an array of offerings, from double-performance exhibitions to performances with time travel, magic kingdoms to pre-Christmas. Furthermore, traditional Pop photography, films about the post-carceral arts and historical figures from trans history, talks as well as exhibitions about diasporic spiritual, ancestral as well as spiritual and symbolic influences in modern art, the style of deep-sea exploration, and a celebration of Black comics, and many more will all be showcased on Thursday th December with My Barbarian at REDCAT (Live & Virtual).

W nd St is home to the highly acclaimed production My Barbarian. It includes You Were Born Poor, and Poor You will die. This combination of music, mystery, rock as well as ancient Greek theater tells the story of an occult of religious significance that makes the sacrifice of a human being to protect the status quo. Silver Minds, which combines traditions from Noh theater, New Wave music and science fiction to create ghost stories of extraction of resources and the impact of climate change exhibit. This show draws on stories from people who were transported back in time in order in order to witness the natural world. The performances will take place on Thursday and Saturday from November – December, and will begin at :pm. Admission costs are $1.

Visitors are welcome to join an engaging multi-media art exhibit both on the Thursday and Friday of December th and th, respectively, celebrating the series launch of a new FX series based on Octavia E. Butler’s acclaimed novel. Participants will have the chance to travel to the past, from modern Los Angeles to th century America by visiting a gallery-curated exhibit that showcases works of Black artists. It will also feature an immersive environmental installation. It is open to the public no cost and will be held at Adams Blvd., West Adams, situated in Los Angeles. The time of the event is from 6:00 until 8:00 pm on Thursday and 9:00 am to the time of 5:00 pm on Friday.

The distinct collection of black and white films, selected by Alexander May, offers an exploration into how any creative procedure is influenced and enhanced by life experiences and fortuity. The exhibition showcases Warhol’s film subjects which includes friends and contemporary artists like Keith Haring and William S. Burroughs. It is located at N Western Ave, E Hollywood from Friday through Sunday, December to, am-pm; free; sized.ltd. A documentary film on Jesse Krimes, the prisoner artist imprisoned in the jail and will screen at MOCA in the form of ‘Art and Krimes from Krimes.

Mari Cardenas’ works of art, like a large-scale mural that measures 3.5 feet, made with newspaper, prison sheets and hair gel, are on display in Self Help Graphics in an exhibition titled Colores de Valor. The panels were distributed in pieces, assisted by fellow artists. The moment Krimes was back home He was able to view the entire wall for the very first time. As Krimes is able to draw the attention of in the world of art and he struggles with the challenge of adapting to the outside world and living under the concern that any misstep may cause a lifelong prison sentence. This concert will be held in the area of S Grand Ave. in Downtown on the 5th of December at 5:15 pm.

Mari who is now in her nineties continues painting. She’s also an important part of Self Help Graphics. SHG has a special show in the gallery at E st St. Boyle Heights. It will show the ways in which Mari made use of color, form as well as emotion to tackle everyday challenges and discover happiness. The exhibition will run until February 2nd. the exhibition is free for all. This Friday, December 10th between 0pm and 0pm guests can have the chance to visit the work of other SHG artists. An online art lecture will also take place within The Getty on Saturday the 10th of December.


The 6th of December, on Friday from 7pm to 9pm Self Help Graphics will be exhibiting Colores de Valor, an amazing mural crafted by the artist Mark Dean Veca while he was in prison. The mural is comprised from pieces that were made from bed sheets in prison as well as hair gel, newspaper and as well as smuggled out piece by piece through the help of other prisoners. It is hoped that the exhibition will raise awareness about the struggles of prisoners who are leaving. It is open to all and it’s free. So , don’t hesitate to visit S Grand Ave., Downtown and witness art that speaks to the difficulties of readjusting to life outside prison and the very real fears of being incarcerated again.

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