The February Calendar in Kerala

The February calendar is another one of the olden days which are celebrated with the same kind of fervour in every part of the world. The Indian calendar of the country is an old one which dates back to the time of Rig Veda and Brahma. This is also the month of Lord Buddha when he passed away.

The state of Kerala is the most populous among all the states in India. In this state, the festivals and celebrations are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto. Here are some of the important festivals and celebrations that are celebrated during the month of February in Kerala.

The biggest festival of the state of Kerala which happens during this month is Thiruvallam which is celebrated with great pomp and joy. The chief festival or as per the locals is the ‘Shuddhanath’ where people from all the villages and communities gather to celebrate the coming of spring. Apart from the Shuddhanath, there are some other festivals that are observed during the month of February. It is the festival of ‘Anjilam’ which is an auspicious day for all the people to give their blessings to the deities.

The second festival that is celebrated during the month of February is the ‘Munnarayani’ which is an annual festival in Kerala. It is also known as the ‘Puri-Swarnas’ which is one of the biggest festivals which is celebrated with great excitement. This festival marks the beginning of the new season of ‘Veerappally’. The other major festivals that are celebrated during the month of February are the ‘Rukkadavu’Sampurnerung’.

The most important festival, which is celebrated in Kerala is ‘Pranipatthabadi’. This is celebrated by the devotees in the temples. These temples have a lot of different pictures, idols, sculptures on them which act as the symbols of the god. The most interesting thing about the Prahvansadh festival is that these temples do not even have a gate during this time.

There are various famous places in Kerala which witness the celebration of the Prahvansadh festival. The biggest and popular festival is the ‘Lalithal’. It is a festival of love and loyalty. This is also known as the ‘Love festival’ in Kerala and is celebrated in the month of February.

The second largest festival that is celebrated in Kerala is ‘Kudumbashangaiyar’. It is the most important festival and people who celebrate this occasion always go out for long hours just to get the best places for viewing the beautiful scenery that the earth has to offer. The main places of interest at Kudumbashangaiyar are the beautiful hill stations of the surrounding districts of Kottayam. and Alleppey.

There are many other festivals and events that are celebrated during the month of February and it depends entirely on the community and the lifestyle of the people in the villages. which celebrate it differently.

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