Success Stories from Those Who Have Found Work Through Return for Good Job F

The month of April is known as Second Chance Month, as well Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana (GINLA) has its sights set on helping some of our more vulnerable residents. This month, they offer job fairs as well as recruitment events to help incarcerated people and those with employment obstacles to return to the work force.

The event will feature various employers across different sectors that are prepared to take on someone with a criminal record. You will also find options like tax incentives, financial incentives and training in employment.

Community Job Fair at Fanshawe University College’s Community Job Fair

students looking for co-op summer or part-time employment and graduates will get the chance to meet with companies in their field at the Fanshawe College Community Job Fair, set for Wednesday. The opportunity is hosted in conjunction with the university as well as Employment Ontario to assist those who are returning to work after having a break.

Participants at the three-day trade show are companies operating in a range of industries, including skilled trades, manufacturing, health and social services along with fast-food chains. There will be representatives from numerous schools and will be highlighting the various choices available to job-seekers who want to excel within their field of choice.

The first-ever multi-sector employment market was held in April, organized by Fanshawe College Career and Employment Services as well as Norfolk County Tourism and Economic Development. The event was attended by nearly 100 job seekers and local businesses. It is expected to draw similar numbers on both the Brantford or County of Brant fairs.

the CTA’s Second Chance Job Fair

CTA’s Second Chance Job Fair will begin on this Wednesday. The agency is continuing the search for train and bus drivers as well as mechanics in order to overcome the severe shortage of staff. While the CTA tries to find and keep its new workers, it plans to have an event to showcase job opportunities.

The agency’s Second Chance program has served over 1,700 Chicago residents who have criminal histories or who have a difficult job search according to the organization. Brian Steele, a spokesperson for the CTA claimed that SCP has helped people develop the skills needed for work and to pursue career paths in order for them to get permanent jobs with the organization.

The program may be put off until both the CTA and both unions with which it works, come to an agreement on the renewal of the agreement. That could mean a loss of 63 Second Chance workers, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308 President Kenneth Franklin told DNAinfo Radio on Friday.

SC Works Upstate Job Fair

If you’re searching for an opportunity but aren’t having much luck in having one found, a Second Chance job Fair could be the perfect opportunity for those who are. You can network with potential employers and chat about co-op jobs that are full-time or part-time.

There are many jobs fairs across the Upstate. The Spartanburg’s SC Works Greater Upstate, Spartanburg Community College and Spartanburg Community College have an open job fair on Thursdays for graduates who are new or looking to change their careers.

It’s completely free to attend and you can register online by creating an account. Prior to attending the event, it’s recommended to make sure that you’ve got a fresh CV.

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