Showcasing Your Roots Through Creative Locs Hairstyles

The Loc is a highly regarded and beloved hairstyle that many feel an intimate connection with for many reasons. This monthwe take a look the many and varied worlds of curly locks, from free-flowing hairstyles, to those wrapped in protective styles. Hair with Afro texture’s versatility and flexibility is a particularly positive aspect. Locs, wherein strands of hair are braided and bonded to form a lasting bond They are heavily connected to Black identity and possess profound and intricate backgrounds, tracing their origins back to Africa from Africa to Asia.

Since the beginning of time, people of many regions around the globe have tended to wear a particular hairstyle known today as locs. It wasn’t until the s that this style was introduced into Western culture, largely owing to the massive success of reggae artist Bob Marley, who sported them in connection to the religion of Rastafarianism that came in Jamaica. Due to the problematic connotations of this hairstyle “dreadlocks” have become no an acceptable social norm anymore.

For a positive narrative to be told with the colonial heritage and Eurocentric aesthetics have had a negative impact on natural hair. While locs remain strongly associated to religious and spiritual beliefs in some people however for others, it may be an expression of culture or ethnic pride, a step towards determining one’s own image of beauty or the kind of hairstyle that works but requires its own unique upkeep.

Shaquone Blake has a Toronto-based model (@onceaking__) and has an enduring love for locs. Growing up witnessing his father’s personal journey to locs, Shaquone began his own around the age of 14. Five years later, he experimented with different hair colour options like blond, blue, red and green. He finally settled on grey , a color one that is reminiscent of the wisdom associated with locs. However, this decision required regular washing and upkeep to ensure the desired result. Thus far, Shaquone has found his locs journey to be an inspiring experience.

Through the majority of my adult existence, I tried to appear like my peers. However, now I want to stand out and be different. My favorite style for the past 3 years has been the locs mullet. That means bangs in the front and long hair at the back. The sides are shaved. I attempted to get the gray-ish shade I wanted however, it turned out to be quite dangerous. To prevent this from happening, I took my hairdresser to the salon and got fake locs put into. I do my own hair and then add extensions that were made in Poland by a crochet method. Due to my dedication to this style it makes me feel more confident as well as awe-inspiring and completely me.

All of my brothers have hairdos. My aunt has one that extends to almost her ankles. Although mine are from Trinidad and Tobago, where my family is originally and is from, it’s now many years since their inception. Because of the lack of knowing about locs, and the way they are perceived, there’s the stigma that they carry. It’s quite offensive to receive a question asking if you wash your hair. Moreover, some people mistakenly call them braids or ‘dreadlocks’ an indication of a larger misperception.

In Summation

I think that having my signature style has helped me stand out and be unique. Since the beginning of the year I’ve embraced the locs mulletand the distinctive grey hue that is achieved with fake locs crafted by hairdressers. Even though I experienced the negative initial effects of attempting to do the job myself, I am feeling confident about my appearance and feel empowered by the look. The unique hairstyles and designs are an expression of your individuality, and I’m proud of my ability to showcase it in a manner that’s personal to me.

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