Meditation Apps For Your Smart Phone

Many types of meditation apps have been released for iPhones, iPads and Android phones. Here are short descriptions of 14 of this type of relaxing and meditating apps for Android and iPhone. When a meditative app is named with a star rating, that means it is one of the most downloaded apps in the iTunes App Store. An asterisk indicates premium options, subscriptions, or extra features if available for sale. The minimum system requirements for most apps vary and the price varies as well.

Headspace is one of the most relaxing meditation apps for both the iPhone and android phone users. This is a stand alone application that utilizes your pulse points to help you relax. The ios version has additional features such as global positioning system, touch screen functionality, and voice recognition. The android version can be downloaded for free from the Google play store.

Zenmed is one of the best meditation apps for both the iPhone and android operating systems. The interface for both devices is clean and intuitively designed. This app uses the pulse oximeter technology to determine blood flow levels and is capable of measuring up to four pulse points at a time. A free trial is available from the Google play store.

Calm is one of the newest meditation apps on the market. This app requires the use of a Bluetooth helmet or a wired forehead pad. This app is designed to promote awareness of mindful movement while reducing the effects of stress and other factors that may cause negative effects to your mind and body. It will not work well with any other mindfulness apps such as Headspace or Blue meditation.

Meditate Mobile is a full-featured app for both the iPhone and android operating systems. It offers a full range of guided meditations using state of the art sounds, music, and video. Many of the guided meditations use breathing techniques from the Wheel of Grasp to help you get more focused during your meditation. It provides detailed instructions from beginning to advanced, which makes it very easy to follow along with. Headspace and Blueberry meditations are both available in this series of guided meditations.

The Nymox app uses a patented technique of neuroplasticity to enhance the effects of each guided meditation. As a result, users can easily transition from one state to another by simply changing how they breathe or move during their session. Users will also be able to practice new skills during their sessions. These skills include centering, relaxation, and deep breathing. Nymox for mindfulness and self-reflection is available from the iTunes store.

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