How Volunteering for the Child Cancer Appeal Can Change Lives

This is the World Record for Running 7 marathons within 7 days. The World Record was Set by the man who stepped on an Underground Mine within Afghanistan. We’re awestruck by the incredible feat that was accomplished by Phil Harpur, a British soldier who completed seven marathons across seven continents within seven days. Harpur began his trek in Antarctica, then traveling across the globe to Cape Town, Perth, Dubai, Madrid, Fortaleza in Brazil, and ending in Miami and finally, returning to his living with his family in County Durham. Not only did Harpur complete seven marathons in a week and five of them were ultramarathons ranging from 50km (31 miles) in distance.

1. What was the inspiration for this run?

It is not surprising the fact that running was a aspect of the human race from the very beginning. In the last four years this runner who prefers to keep her identity private is running for the Child Cancer Appeal, a charitable foundation that offers support and resources to families affected by cancer in childhood. The motivation behind this remarkable race is the runner’s wish to give back to the local community and change the lives of people suffering from childhood cancer. The runner states that they would like to spread awareness of the Child Cancer Appeal, raise money and demonstrate to the world that the possibility of making an impression.

2. What was his contribution in his charity Child Cancer Foundation through running?

The recent news from SunLive The SunLive report titled Volunteers Are urgently needed for Child Cancer Appeal – The Bay’s News First, 2, emphasises the importance of community involvement in the Child Cancer Foundation. The report highlights the accomplishments of Steven Pryce (a Bay of Plenty resident) who took on a 10- days of running to raise money for the Foundation. This initiative, which saw him run more than 1000 miles, was an excellent demonstration of ability of individuals to have a positive impact. He raised funds to help children with cancer. Child Cancer Foundation, which helps provide vital financial and emotional support for parents and children who are that are affected by cancer.

3. How many volunteers are the Child Cancer Foundation able to depend on during their March street appeal?

The annual street auction in March crucial to the organization’s fundraising efforts The organization is seeking volunteers to assist in making the event successful. News First from The Bay News First reports that the Child Cancer Foundation urgently needs volunteers in a specific amount. The appeal is crucial to the Foundation and their mission of providing support and assistance to families and children who are affected by cancer. The event requires a multitude of participants to ensure successful, including people who actively participate in fundraising efforts as well as those providing support and logistical assistance. The Foundation will benefit from the work of those who volunteer to help raise essential funds as well as raise awareness.

4. What activities are available for volunteers at the street appeal?

The Bay’s News First offers a variety of events for those who join The Bay’s Child Cancer Appeal. Volunteers can connect with communities in the area and participate in conversations regarding the appeal. Additionally, they can collect donations. They will be required to count and record donations as well as help in setting up the appeal as well as managing the number of people who attend. In addition, volunteers will be accountable for interacting with local media outlets, for the purpose of helping increase awareness of the appeal and gain more donations from local residents.

A Quick Review

The Te Puke A&P Lifestyle Show is now in its 117th year. Due to Air New Zealand cancelling domestic flights into Tauranga as well as Luke Wigman’s inspiring story to walk again after suffering from an Taliban IED attack, it’s a reminder to us all to take care of each other and aid fellow citizens as often as is possible. It’s also important to note that the Child Cancer Foundation is also looking for volunteers to help with the annual appeal for street space in March, reminding us that we all have a responsibility to assist those who are in need. All of us should learn from these instances of resilience and help to make the difference we can in the local community.

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