How to Create Meaningful Lunar New Year Traditions in Your Family

The weekend of this week will see thousands of people from Asia as well as the global Asian diaspora mark the beginning of the Lunar New Year celebrations. This marks the conclusion of the Zodiac Year of the Tiger as well as the start of the Year of the Rabbit or Cat for citizens of Vietnam. When families gather during the first days of the holiday season are usually associated with a decrease in commercial activity. A lot of Chinese workers who are migrant find that this is the final opportunity to return to China. The custom has its roots in the past and emphasizes familial connection.

Lunar New Year, as Chinese Malaysians, is a chance to keep and preserve the traditional Chinese traditions for the next generation. Daniel Lee Lih Wei is a father of two children, is from Klang. He lives in a suburban area near Kuala Lumpur’s Sunway University, where he supervises the studies. The man says “I would like to teach my kids our culture and history so that they will be able to benefit from these events as part of their journey throughout life.” This is about providing them with an opportunity to experience the same experiences as I did and instilling those experiences.

Lee Lih Wei is a father who is aware of the importance it is to teach cultural customs in his four year old and one-year-old children. Lee Lih Wei has planned a range of festivities to mark this New Year. They will get to enjoy cookies, enjoy firecrackers and cookies and watch traditional lion dances with vibrant, extravagant costumes. These performances are an expression of prosperity and luck, that are performed all over the nation. Lee Lih Wei plans to leave work for a week , and will wear red attire with his family for the two-day reunion. Lee Lih Wei is also hoping for significant presents from his parents so that he can bless his kids.

Wen Xu was unable to visit her home town in Anhui in the past due to Covid limitations. But, she’s been able to travel this year after having moved from Hong Kong where she moved in the last few months to work as a journalist. Recent changes in China allowed this to be possible. The government of China announced in December that China’s government ended its Zero-Covid policy. Xu was one of the millions that were able to visit their family on the day of the Lunar New Year. Lee Lih Wei says that the modernization of China means that they’ll be having meals with their wives, and eating dinner with their family members.

Xu is thrilled to see her family reunited after New Year’s Eve celebrations with her uncle, aunt and her cousin. The three of them will travel from far away towns. Xu is hosting an evening of family reunions, featuring classic dishes such as steamed pork rice flour, steamed pork, as well as bone broth. Xu is able to reconnect with her cousin following the arrival to Canada of their cousin during the week of rest eating, catching up and sharing meals. Xu will also record her mom making ejiao which is the traditional Chinese dish. Xu along with her cousin, and their friends from childhood would look forward to these special occasions with great anticipation.

Every year, my cousin and I have dinner with my cousin every year. We then climb steps to count the amount of money given to us in envelopes of red. The lady says that even although we’re now grown and have children, she still receives red envelopes. However, this year is sad for her father who suffers from COVID. He is unable to join the family for dinner. He is in his bedroom located on the third floor, equipped using an oxygen machine. Xu had a successful career in this Year of the Tiger, however, she had a difficult time with relationship issues. The goal she has for the coming year is to meet the perfect person.


The family of Xu will celebrate the dinner reunion along with the extended members of her family. They’ll have the chance to meet up with her cousin who lives across the country and take advantage of traditional family meals. However, they will also have the opportunity to take part in an activity that will let them discover the traditional healing methods that their forefathers used over the years. The Xu family is sure to cherish the holiday season because they are reminded of the common heritage, history and affection.

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