How to Create a Magical Moment with Party Pics: Tips from Dean & Caelynn

Caelynn as well as Dean Unglert celebrated their engagement with their reality TV peers. Becca Tilley uploaded an Instagram Story video of Miller-Keyes, Tilley as well as Tanya Rad and Sarah Hyland as they took part in a photo-booth shoot. As Tilley, Rad, and Hyland all sported various ensembles featuring beige shades Miller-Keyes made an stunning statement wearing a bridal white. Her dress worn since she was in since the month of October, when she announced her engagement to the man she loves, was perfect for this special occasion.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes was surrounded by affection from friends and family this past Saturday, as they celebrated her engagement to Wells Adams in Los Angeles either way, rain or shine, in spite of the stormy weather in California. Bachelorette alum Sarah Hyland took to her Instagram Stories expressing her excitement about the newly engaged couple, accompanied by an image of Caelynn sporting a maxi dress. Miller-Keyes, who is a Bachelor Winter Games alumni, first came across Miller-Keyes while on their time on the Bachelor in Paradise Season. They left early to explore their friendship. According to Tilley that the rain brought the event an “magical sensation,” while event planner Runaway Indie diligently decorated the location.

Three years after their union and a year of being together, Mr. Unglert proposed at the end of October during a hiking trip to Kauai in Hawaii. A statement by Danielle DeGregory, Amiba Consulting exclusively released in Us Weekly, states that the couple engaged in fashion like Dean. They kept the plans in the privacy of their home as they were embracing the moment. They hiked for miles to Kalalau Beach, and Mr. Unglert set up a tripod in a quiet spot to capture the moments in photographs. Their joyous news is exciting and we have a sincere wish for them well.

The podcast’s host “Suck at Dating” announced last month that Dean and she had been legally engaged. The Former Bachelor alumni posted on Instagram that they had arranged to submit proposals. I was thinking regarding how make it happen, however, following the time that Dean forced me to confront my fear of heights before making his suggestion, I decided that it was appropriate for him to confront his sole fear, horseback riding. “I am looking forward to working together with you throughout the years to help each other get beyond your familiar zones.” the newlywed couple, who have many similar interests, is eagerly anticipating their new life together.

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes have already commenced planning their weddings, as Miller Keyes exclusively disclosed to Us in November of . The process has been “really fun” up to this point, especially selecting a wedding venue and the decision of who to invite. They are planning to tie the knot in Aspen and Miller-Keyes would like to dress in two distinct dresses. Credit: Image by Becca Tilley/Instagram. Here’s a look of the wedding reception that several of our ‘Bachelors’ enjoyed.

T and Caelynn Mill Keyes were honored for their wedding. Their friends from reality TV were equally enthusiastic about celebrating this happy couple. Becca Tilley posted a Saturday January Instagram Story video captioned with Miller-Keyes as well as Tanya Rad, as well as Sarah Hyland, who were taking group pictures at a photo booth “Celebrating the bride to be this evening.” As Tilley, Rad, and Modern Family’s Hyland were seen in various beige outfits This former pageant queen showcased her finest bridal-white look. Miller-Keyes, who got engaged to Unglert last October, wore an all-white crop top and matchy dress.


Caelynn and Dean Unglert have been busy making plans for their wedding. They appear to be enjoying it. It appears they have already chosen the wedding venue Aspen and Becca Tilley even gave us an idea of their wedding reception. There are a lot of Bachelor alumni it is sure to be an unforgettable and memorable occasion.

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