Exploring the Life of Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj, “The Serpent”

Charles Sobhraj (78 years old) is a French citizen, who came to France right after serving one life sentence for murder in Nepal. The notorious serial killer has been incarcerated in Nepal from 2003 for his part in the murders of a number of American and Canadian backpackers during the 1970s. Sobhraj was in Paris on Saturday, via Qatar, aboard a flight from Nepal. The Associated Press was informed that he had arrived in Paris by Isabelle Coutant-Peyre (his French lawyer). After his arrival there is a possibility that Sobhraj could be a target of legal actions in Paris due to his prior criminal offenses.

A Quick Review

Charles Sobhraj has had a tumultuous past. He is a sought-after figure because of his past and numerous crimes. When he is due to arrive in Paris it’s important to think of the victims and their families . We should also use this as an opportunity to show our support and affection to the families struggling to recover from the loss of their loved ones. Sobhraj’s story Sobhraj shows how critical being vigilant is in dealing with international criminality and especially those who affect those who are most vulnerable like travelers.

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