Benefits and Challenges of Maintaining Locs

The loc is one of the most desired hairstyle that a lot of people are drawn by. Texture Talk will continue to look at the many different ways curly hair can be used. The topics will cover all things from loose curls to hair sections that are protected by styling that is protective. The versatility of Afro-textured hair is one of the most attractive aspects. Locs, which is a form of hairstyling which involves various hair strands that are interspersed to create continuous units, and then pressed together and are deeply rooted in African American identity and have deep roots. Locs represent a powerful expression of our culture, that spans from Africa from Africa to Asia and all over the world.

From the beginning of time to current, the United States has witnessed the constant wearing of this hairstyle by people of various races and hues. It gained its first acceptance within Western society after the introduction of Bob Marley, the reggae artist. Tyrone Edds spoke about his connection to his signature locs. The expression “dreadlocks” that was once used to refer to this type of hairstyle, is now considered insensitive due to the connotations it carries.

The introduction of Eurocentric aesthetic standards as well as colonialism has had a negative impact on the natural hair. The styles that are protected are frequently criticized for their harshness. In order to encourage discussion about this issue, it has been done to break away the subject from “dread”. A lot of people pick locs due to the fact that they are religious or have spiritual convictions. But, many consider it a symbol of pride in their culture or a personal quest to find their own definition of beauty.

From the time I was a kid I’ve always been awed by the appearance of hairdos. It’s likely due to the fact that my father has them from the time of his childhood. At the age of fourteen, older, my dad urged me to grow my own. After five years, I began to experiment with various shades of color. But, gray remains my favourite color. It brings me back to the wisdom of. A regular wash is essential for me to keep my look. Four fashion-forward designers shared their tales, as well as the experiences they encountered throughout their journey. Shaquone Blake of Toronto provided me with more insight on the topic, explaining that dreadlocks have powerful in her eyes.

Through my whole life, I’ve tried to blend into the world who surround me. However, now I’m determined to stand out. My style of choice for the last three years is a locs-mullet that has bangs on the front and long locks at the back. Sides are shaved. I am unique, distinct and unique because of my hair. In the beginning, I attempted to achieve the perfect shade of grey myself but the results were too damaging to my hair. Therefore, I decided to get fake locs professionally done using methods of crochet. To add body the locs are made by hand. Polish-made extensions made by hand are as well.

Together with my brothers, I too have grown Locs. My aunt has Locs close all the way to her ankles. The Locs I wear were created by a company in Trinidad and Tobago where I come from. When I began the creation of these, it’s been a long time. Due to the stigma that is attached to locs and the public’s opinions about their appearance, it can be difficult to determine what they actually are. The most frequent questions I receive are: “Do I wash my hair?” Many people mistake locs as braids or call them “dreadlocks” but aren’t aware of what the distinction is.


My distinctive style has helped me feel confident about my own self, and I’m content about that. My locks are not simply a fashion. They motivate me to be brave and imaginative. My path to self-love, acceptance, and love are represented through my hair and the narrative.

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