An Appreciation for Marty Feldman’s Classic Film Roles

During the early years of his career, Marty Feldman did a lot of things that made him stand out for his work, such as turning his back on a role in film “Bad News” in favor of working as an extra on the movie “The Nightmare before Christmas.” The early successes helped set the stage for his later success, but he still faced numerous difficulties in his career.

Young life

Marty Feldman is often associated with Mel Brooks’ name, yet he was raised to unusual circumstances. He was the son of poor Jewish immigrants of Kiev, Ukraine. They moved their family to northern London in the aftermath of World War II. His school was closed at least 12 times until he was fifteen.

Feldman, despite mishaps initially, was an exceptional comedian. He was a physical comedian and was a fan of Buster Keaton. His looks were an issue for bullies. His appearance was frequently seen in stylish clubs in the west of London. He was also afflicted by anti-Semitism.

He worked as a stage assistant for hypnotists from the beginning. He was one of three members of a travelling burlesque show. His professional career as a trumpeter in jazz earned him the nickname “the worst in jazz”. He drank copious amounts of black coffee as well as smoked half a carton of cigarettes every day.

He first wrote for popular British radio shows. Then, he was appointed chief writer of Frost Report. Frost Report. Terry Scott also had him as a writer on his TV specials.

Career in comedy writing

Marty Feldman was a comedian who wrote his own comedy scripts for TV and film. His first writing job was for the BBC Light Program’s Educating Archie. Then, he was a co-writer on an episode of The Army Game. In 1954, he began a writing partnership along with Barry Took. They also contributed to Harry Worth’s We’re In Business. In the 1960s, they wrote the bulk of Bootsie and Snudge. In 1969, they began writing the show It’s Marty, which won prizes from the Writers Guild of Great Britain.

Feldman along with comedy writing, was an actor. He appeared on stage in The Muppets and Young Frankenstein. He also received the BAFTA award. He also appeared on the Johnny Carson Show. He was also part of a touring burlesque troupe. He was known for his charming dwarf appearance.

In his writing career, Feldman worked with Mel Brooks as well as Gene Wilder. Terry Scott also worked with Feldman for a few TV specials. He wrote scripts for many beloved Granada Television sitcoms. His co-writing collaborations with Pythons John Cleese and Graham Chapman were also noteworthy.

Switch to the opposite face of the camera

Through the 1960s’ final years, Feldman was a cult figure of the British comedy scene. Feldman wrote or performing as well as directing and even made a name for himself with his own show. Some of his other performances include Young Frankenstein (1975), The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”Smarter Brother (1975), The Bed Sitting Room ( 1969) and Every Home Should Own One (1970).

The mid-1960s saw Feldman along with Barry Took co-wrote 39 episodes of their satirical sketch show in just ten months. The show was called the Marty Feldman Comedy Machine. They were attracted by the comic act of Danny Kaye. The show had a great success with numerous prizes.

Feldman was an eccentric actor. Feldman was an eccentric actor who could be a bossy and drunk man. An accident occurred while he was au-pair. The frequent appearances in fashionable nightclubs in the West End were a sign that the man was famous.

As a comedian, he was a fan of Buster Keaton. Feldman declared that his sketch “Loneliness of the Long Distance Golfer’ was the best sketch ever.


Marty Feldman, an unconventional comedian and actor who gained to fame with his humoristic comedy throughout his lifetime He was a star on the theater. The show he performed was an instant hit. The most memorable sketch to ever be drawn was the sketch he created “The isolation of the long distance golfer.”

The show of Feldman was the start of a new age of comedy. It introduced people such as Ronnie Barker and John Cleese to the world of TV. The audience was also exposed to British comedians Graham Chapman, and Michael Palin.

Parents were Jewish Ukrainians. The family lived in London’s Canning Town. Feldman was raised in an economically disadvantaged family. The family relocated to London in the aftermath of the war. However, despite his background, Feldman never lost his love for comedy.

He began doing shows at the age of a child and first performed at a fairground. He also worked as an assistant for hypnotists. He later became writer as well as a star on a variety show. In addition, he appeared on The Johnny Carson Show as well as The Muppets.

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